Ventistamp Maxvents Slotted Core Vents

Maxvents are manufactured with either a 0.012" (0.3 mm)or a 0.018" (0.45 mm) slot that is tapered 30 degrees on the back side to prevent sand clogging. These vents are made from a brass alloy (SAE 430-B) for high wear resistance and are designed to be used with sand that has an AFS fineness of 60 to 80.

Sold in bags of 100 vents.

Also available in curved and inclined head design. Please call for size and availability.

Catalog Number Description   Qty  
034526 Maxvent RM30 6mm x .012" SO
034528 Maxvent RM30 8mm x .012" SO
034530 Maxvent RM30 10mm x .012" SO
034531 Maxvent RM30 12mm x .012" SO
034533 Maxvent RM30 14mm x .012" SO
034535 Maxvent RM30 16mm x .012" SO
034536 Maxvent RM30 18mm x .012" SO
034537 Maxvent RM30 20mm x .012" SO
034619 Maxvent RM30 8mm x .012" SO
034722 Maxvent RM45 8mm, 0.45 Slot Width SO
034620 Maxvent RM30 10mm x .012" SO
034567 Maxvent RM45 10mm x .45mm SO
034621 Maxvent RM30 12mm x .012" SO
034568 Maxvent RM45 12mm x .45mm SO
034723 Maxvent RM30 10mm, 0.3 Slot Width SO
034623 Maxvent RM30 16mm x 0.10" SO
034624 Maxvent RM30 20mm x .012" SO
034569 Maxvent RM45 20mm, .45mm Slot Width SO
034626 Maxvent RM30 25mm x .012" SO
034565 Maxvent RM45 25mm SO
034627 Maxvent RM30 30mm x 0.10" SO
034511 Maxvent RP30 3/16" x .012" SO
034512 Maxvent RP30 1/4" x .012" SO
034513 Maxvent RP30 5/16" x .012" SO
034514 Maxvent RP30 3/8" x .012"
034516 Maxvent RP30 1/2" x .012" SO
034518 Maxvent RP30 5/8" x .012" SO
034519 Maxvent RP30 3/4" x .012" SO
034521 Maxvent RP30 1" x .012" SO

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