Insert Plates

Freeman-Palmer Insert Plates are increasingly used as an alternative cope and drag plate method because of the lower costs and quicker plate changeover. Contrary to changing the entire cope and drag halves each time on the molding machine, the use of Insert Plates allows you to change only the Insert Plates - resulting in significant time and cost savings.

Freeman-Palmer Insert Plates, are available in thicknesses ranging from .500" to 1.500".

Due to the complexity of these plates, we ask that you call us at (800)321-8511 with your specifications. Freeman-PALMER Insert Plates availability options are:
- Dowmetal or Aluminum
- Saw cut Edges with a tolerance of +0", -1/32" on length and width
- Machined Edges with a tolerance of +0", -.005" on length and width

This item is still available for ordering. Please contact our Customer Service department at (800) 321-8511 opt. 3 to place an order.