Sharp-Face Gothic Reverse - Brass

Freeman Pattern Letters and Figures are utilized for a wide range of applications throughout the pattern and foundry industries because of their consistent high quality and immediate availability.

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Special letters, figures, monograms, logos, etc. can be made either from existing patterns or a sketch. We can also assist in designing at no additional cost to the customer.

Measurements are outside-to-outside of face or center-to-center of face, depending on style. Overall height greater because of draft.

Drilling is available on all Brass Sharp Face Gothic letters 1/2" and larger. If interested, please indicate this in the "Questions/Comments" section of your Quote Request. Prices will be provide with your return quote. An added lead time of two weeks will be needed for drilling.
Ordering Instructions:
Pattern letters are priced by the individual letter. However, they are packaged in bags of 10. To ensure that your order can be prepared and shipped as quickly as possible, we offer a significant discount for orders placed in multiples of 10. All orders containing qty's other than multiples of 10 will be processed at the higher price. Additionally, all Brass Pattern Letters are special order and are subject to extended lead times and order minimums. All pattern letters are non-returnable. Please contact customer service for details.

Sharp-Face Gothic Reverse - Brass - 1/4"

Sharp-Face Gothic Reverse - Brass - 3/8"

Sharp-Face Gothic Reverse - Brass - 1/2"

Sharp-Face Gothic Reverse - Brass - 1"