Iron-Filled Epoxy Casting Resins

Iron-filled epoxy casting resins (black in color) are heavy, highly wear-resistant compounds that are suitable for foundry patterns or thin-gauge metal-forming tools.

Epoxy casting resins generate heat (exotherm) during the curing process. This heat can become excessive if the epoxy is poured thicker than the suggested casting thickness, causing warping, cracking and/or brittleness. Therefore, be careful to choose the correct system to pour your part.

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Specification Table

Freeman 815 Iron-Filled Epoxy Casting Resin

85D Shore Hardness / 2" Cast Thickness / 85 Min. Gel Time

Freeman 825 Iron-Filled Epoxy Casting Resin

90D Shore Hardness / 3" Cast Thickness / 50 Min. Gel Time

Freeman 855 Iron-Filled Epoxy Casting Resin

87D Shore Hardness / 1/2" Cast Thickness / 150 Min. Gel Time

RenCast 3209 Iron-Filled Epoxy Casting Resin

75D or 85D Shore Hardness / 2" or 6" Cast Thickness / 90 or 240 Min. Gel Time

RenCast 3215 Iron-Filled Casting System

45D-88D Shore Hardness / 2" Cast Thickness / 60 - 70 Min. Gel Time

RenCast 3253 Wear-Resistant, Iron-Filled Epoxy Casting System

90D Shore Hardness / 3/4" Cast Thickness / 100 Min. Gel Time

RenCast 3261 Iron-Filled Epoxy Surface Casting System

88D Shore Hardness / 1/2" Cast Thickness / 25 Min. Gel Time

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