Epoxy Casting Resins

Freeman and Huntsman Advanced Materials offer a broad, diverse line of pourable epoxy casting resins for the production of foundry patterns, core boxes, molds, fixtures, and tooling.

Epoxy casting resins generate heat (exotherm) during the curing process. This heat can become excessive if the epoxy is poured thicker than the suggested casting thickness, causing warping, cracking and/or brittleness. Therefore, be careful to choose the correct system to pour your part.

Iron-filled epoxy casting resins (black in color) are heavy, highly wear-resistant compounds that are suitable for foundry patterns or thin-gauge metal-forming tools.

Aluminum-filled epoxy casting resins (gray in color) are not as heavy, are more readily machinable, and are available with higher temperature resistances.

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Specification Table

Aluminum-Filled Room Temperature Resins

Generally lighter and easier to machine than iron-filled epoxies

Aluminum-Filled High Temperature Resins

High-temperature resistances ranging from 225°F-300°F

Iron-Filled Epoxy Casting Resins

High-impact strength

Other Epoxy Casting Resins

More High-impact strength resins

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