Aerospace & Electronics Silicone Rubber

Elkem offers a line of one to two component aerospace sealants per Pratt & Whitney Spec, electronic sealing and potting silicone rubber, and flame-resistant silicone coatings.

V-612 Sealant (Black)

66A Shore Hardness / Thixotropic Paste

V-695 Sealant (Black)

58A Shore Hardness / 300,000 cps

V-205 Silicone Electronic Coating

45 Shore A Hardness / 35,000 cps Viscosity / Heat Cure

V-207 Coating & Encapsulating Silicone Rubber

30A Shore Hardness / 6,000 CPS Viscosity / Heat Cure

V-217 Potting & Encapsulating Silicone Rubber

29A Shore Hardness / 44,000 CPS Viscosity

V-658 Flame-Resistant Coating

76 Shore A Hardness / 450,000 cps Viscosity