Silicone Rubber

Elkem (Bluestar) RTV Silicone Rubber is used extensively in applications where a flexible, self-releasing mold material is required. Our silicones are designed to be used in rapid prototype tooling for polyurethane, epoxy, polyester, and plaster casting. Other applications would include architectural molding, theme park props, and special effect skins for props, robotic and animatronic figures, and much more.

This top quality line of silicone systems offers high accuracy, high heat resistances, and excellent tear strength and elongation properties.

Elkem silicone rubbers are available in addition-cure formulations with a platinum-based catalyst, condensation-cure silicones with a tin-based catalyst, and formulations specifically for Aersopace & Electronics applications. Pad Printing Silicone is now available.

Addition Cure Silicone Rubber

Primarily used for casting polyurethanes and epoxies / Use a platinum-based catalyst / Excellent heat resistant properties

Condensation Cure Silicone Rubber

Primarily used for casting polyester and plaster / Use a tin-based catalyst / Less susceptible to cure inhibition

Aerospace & Electronics Silicone Rubber

Two-component aerospace sealants / Electronic potting silicones / Pratt & Whitney specifications

Pad Printing Silicone Rubber

High-performance pad printing silicones

Silicone Rubber Accessories

Silicone primer, diluent, and fast catalyst for addition and condensation cure rubbers

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