Condensation Cure Silicone Rubber

Excellent for general moldmaking, condensation cure systems feature:

  • A tin-based catalyst, creating a more inhibition-resistant material. However, when cured, these rubbers may inhibit the curing of urethanes when poured into them
  • Softer cured hardness and a lower durometer than addition cured materials, excellent for molds with deep undercuts
  • Low shrinkage, though not as low as platinum-catalyzed rubber
  • Heat resistance up to 350° F intermittently

GP-25 Moldmaking Silicone Rubber

25A or 26A Shore Hardness / 50,000 Viscosity / 150 ppi Tear Strength

V-1062 Moldmaking Silicone Rubber

14A or 15A Shore Hardness / 35,000 or 32,000 cps Viscosity / 120 ppi or 110 ppi Tear Strength

V-1065 Moldmaking Silicone Rubber

25A or 30A Shore Hardness / 43,000 or 45,000 Viscosity / 100-140 ppi Tear Strength

V-1067 Moldmaking Silicone Rubber

37A or 38A Shore Hardness / 70,000 Viscosity / 70 ppi or 40 ppi Tear Strength

V-1068 Special Effects Silicone Rubber (Translucent)

13A Shore Hardness / 35,000 Viscosity / 115 ppi Tear Strength

VRM-65 Thixotropic Brushable Silicone Rubber

25A or 27A Shore Hardness / Thixotropic / 125 ppi or 120 ppi Tear Strength

RTV-3625 Moldmaking Silicone Rubber

25A Shore Hardness / 20,000 Viscosity / 120 ppi Tear Strength

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