Richlite Fiber-Laminate Sheets 48"x96"

Richlite is a very hard, durable, yet machinable phenolic resin and wood fiber laminate. This product is stable, abrasion resistant, moisture and chemical resistant.

Richlite is a great choice for durable models, actual working parts, foundry patterns and core boxes, prototype metal stamping dies, production patterns, draw dies, stretch dies, spinner dies, keller tracing dies, pattern plates, and templates. Because of the large sizes and choice of thicknesses, Richlite is also popular for countertops, workbenches, circuit boards, and flooring.

User Tips:
Sawing  Carbide-tipped saw blades are recommended for both circular and table saw cutting applications. The proper feed rate, combined with a sharp blade will result in coarse sawdust. All sawing should be performed dry.

Milling, Routing & Machining  Carbide cutters are recommended. The proper feed rate, combined with a sharp cutter will result in coarse sawdust. All machining should be performed dry.

Drilling & Tapping  The use of high speed steel drills and taps are recommended for short production runs and shallow holes. For longer production runs and deeper holes, use carbide-tipped drills and taps. When tapping Richlite Fibre-Laminate Sheets use a slightly smaller pilot drill than specified for the size tap required. This will assure optimum thread strength. Whenever possible, the piece to be machined should be backed up by another piece of scrap material to prevent chipping around the holes. Lift the drill frequently to allow chips to be removed and to prevent the build-up of excess heat. Holes drilled parallel to the lamination should be clamped or secured in a vise. All drilling and tapping should be performed dry.

Sanding & Buffing  Sanding can be performed by using a belt or disc sander, or by hand. Sand using the same procedures and techniques as used with wood. Dry sanding is recommended.

Bonding Richlite Fibre-Laminate Sheet  Lightly sand the mating surfaces to be glued. Use epoxy adhesives such as RenLam 1700-1 or Freeman 690.

Maximum Operating Temperature - 150┬░ F

Shore Hardness - 88D

Product Ordering Information
Special Order sizes have lead times estimated at 30 days. Please contact customer service for details.

Catalog Number Description   Qty  
076005 Richlite 48"x96" Sheet
076012 Richlite 48"x96" Sheet SO
076022 Richlite 48"x96" Sheet
076023 Richlite 48"x96" Sheet SO
076024 Richlite 48"x96" Sheet
076007 Richlite 48"x96" Sheet
076031 Richlite 48"x96" Sheet SO
076032 Richlite 48"x96" Sheet
076010 Richlite 48"x96" Sheet SO
076008 Richlite 48"x96" Sheet SO
076011 Richlite 48"x96" Sheet SO
076046 Richlite 48"x96" Sheet SO

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