Machinable Wax

Formulated & manufactured by Freeman, this unique medium is an extremely hard synthetic wax that machines faster than polyurethane and epoxy tooling boards or metals without sacrificing quality of finish, surface detail, or dimensional accuracy.


Non-Abrasive  - will not cause significant wear on tools

User-Friendly - produces chips instead of dust

Self-Lubricating  - eliminates need for coolants or cutting fluids

Able To Be Glued - produce large or irregular pieces with 3M #90 Hi-Strength Spray Adhesive

Wide Variety of Sizes - find the appropriate size for your project

Self-Releasing/Self-Sealing - pour liquid tooling plastics without using sealers or release agents


- Education as a Training Aid Material

- CNC Systems Set-up and Demonstrations

- Proofing CNC Machining Programs

- Producing Accurate Molds and Prototypes

Machinable Wax - Blue

The tried-and-true industry standard machining wax designed for standard applications

Machinable Wax - Turquoise

A new, enhanced version of our original formula that offers excellent detail by hand or machine

Machinable Wax - Purple

Ideal for basic geometry, proofing tool paths, and school curriculum projects

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