NEW Freeman Catalog

This issue contains 140 pages of products, specifications, images, how-to guides, and more! Download our latest edition below! These PDFs are large files – please allow time for download.



Full Catalog (33.3 MB)




Table of Contents & Intro to Freeman (1 MB)

Find what you're looking for by Trade Name, Manufacturer, or Product Category. See how far Freeman has come in 110 years and all we have to offer!


Machinable Media (3.5 MB)

Review the entire RenShape line (Foam, Modeling, Styling, Fixture, and Tooling boards) plus other materials such as Perfect Plank, lumber, MDF and more!

Included Products

- RenShape Work Boards
- Perfect Plank  
- Rough Sawn Lumber
- MDF & Richlite


Liquid Tooling (4.8 MB)

Our extensive Liquid Tooling offering includes fast-cast urethanes, polyurethane elastomers, moldmaking silicone rubber, and epoxy casting resins. We offer product lines such as Repro, Master, Ren, Elkem (Bluestar), and more!

Included Products

- Fast-Cast Polyurethanes
- Moldmaking Silicone Rubber  
- Polyurethane Elastomers
- Epoxy Casting Resins
- Dyes, Pigments, & Fillers
- Gypsum Cement & Plaster


Fabrics & Bagging (1 MB)

We offer everything you need for vacuum bagging, surface coat/laminating resin, and other cloth applications. Choose from fiberglass, carbon fiber, Kevlar®, and Mia vacuum bagging hardware.

Included Products

- Fiberglass Cloth
- Carbon Fiber
- Kevlar® Cloth
- Mia Bagging Products


Specialty Waxes (1.5 MB)

Freeman is the #1 manufacturer of Specialty Waxes including products such as Sheet Wax, Machinable Wax, Blind Gauging Wax, Ferris® File-A-Wax, and more. Find a distributor for jewelry wax here.

Included Products

- Sheet Wax
- Ferris® File-A-Wax
- Machinable Wax
- Other Waxes & Tools


Adhesives & Repair Materials (1 MB)

Our Adhesives and Repair Materials are the perfect complement to our other products. TUF, Master, and Ren are a few of the names you will recognize in this section.

Included Products

- TUF-Fil & TUF-Carv
- Master Products
- Ren Adhesives
- Die Making Adhesives


Foundry Tools & Supplies (4.2 MB)

Freeman offers the industry’s largest selection of hard-to-find tools and supplies designed for demanding foundry environments.

Included Products

- Alignment Hardware
- Core Box Vents
- Pattern Plates
- Specialty Tools


Die Boards & Plywood (1.7 MB)

In addition to supplying lumber for over 100 years, Freeman offers flat and rotary dieboards, a variety of high-grade, economical plywoods, and specialty sheet materials that are used in a wide range of applications.

Included Products

- Flat Dieboards
- Rotary Dieboards
- Plywood
- Other Sheet Materials


Hardware & Equipment (4.6 MB)

Freeman’s extensive selection of hardware for the tooling industry includes pattern letters, embossing tapes, abrasives, fasteners, specialty equipment, assorted bits & cutters, and more.

Included Products

- Pattern Letters
- Diemaking Hardware
- Abrasives
- Mixing Equipment


Accessories (1 MB)

Freeman offers a wide variety of processing supplies and hardware to support the creation and duplication of parts, patterns, tools, and molds.

Included Products

- Modeling Clay
- Pattern Coatings
- Release Systems
- Application Tools


Appendix (2 MB)

How-To Guides, Conversion Charts, and an alphabetical listing of products.